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We help teams learn to inspect and adapt continuously and give them the courage to try new things.


We believe in working smarter not harder. We can teach you how to prioritise and say yes to the right things, so that you get more done.



We can help you collaborate with those around you, to deliver better results together, and have fun while you do it.

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You would like to implement agile in your organisation.

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Latest Blog Posts

Agile Testing Sketchnote

Here is a sketchnote summary of our book Growing Agile: A Coach’s Guide to Agile Testing. If you have read the book or run any of the workshops in the book, this is a nice reminder to print out and stick up on the wall in your team area.   About the book:...

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Agile Africa – Lean Coffee

Some meaty topics came up in the first Lean Coffee at Agile Africa, expertly facilitated by Josh Lewis as usual. As we have blog posts on most of these – I’ve included them below. Accountability in Teams Distributed teams Balancing planned work vs Urgent...

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Agile Africa – Fish Ponds

A talk by Dillon Weyer at Agile Africa 2016 about how often when we do things we often don’t consider the whole system, something he learned about when building his own fishpond at home. His message was to facilitate change by focussing on needs and values first...

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Why work with us?

We have a proven track record of improving the way teams work and helping companies get started with agile.
We love our work, and have fun doing it. It’s infectious. We bring enthusiasm and energy into your work life.
We pair work so that you get two coaches, two trainers, and two points of view on any situation. It allows us to observe each other and improve.
We are internationally recognised agile experts. We speak at global conferences and have trained on four continents.
Our training and workshops are developed taking into account how people learn. We ensure people stay engaged and retain information.

Who we are

Karen Greaves

Karen Greaves

Agile Coach

Karen is a recovered project manager who loves the simplicity and fun that agile brings to work. She’s usually the loudest person in the room, and loves anything to do with numbers or excel.

phone: 078 457 7203     email: karen@growingagile.co.za

Sam Laing

Sam Laing

Agile Coach

Sam lives by her tattoo “Be Brave” and embraces new challenges. As a coach she excels at asking powerful questions that help you reflect. She is also the creative genius behind all our hand drawn slides and sketch notes.

phone: 082 457 7840     email: sam@growingagile.co.za

Some of our clients

What people say

Judging from the energy in the team after the training and the subsequent increase in drive and enthusiasm in the office, one could only conclude that using Growing Agile to bring home the principles of Agile was the right choice.

Rob Knight

Managing Director, IMQS

I love your coach’s guide to agile testing! It’s SO wonderful to know other people “get” testing and what people need to know and do!
Y’all truly grok the testing mindset. I hope lots of people will take advantage of your guide!

Lisa Crispin

Co-author of Agile Testing

Sam and Karen paired to facilitate the meeting of two dozen organizers of Agile 2012. In 3 hours, they took a group with differing points of view, to learning from each other, and making decisions. Their design rocked!

Diana Larson

Co-author of Agile Retrospectives

Karen and Sam are great and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the training. I can highly recommend their Advanced ScrumMaster course for any agilists looking to take their abilities to the next level!

Justin Doyle

Scrum Master, Discovery Health

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