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What is possible here?


One of our favourite coaching questions is “What is possible here?”. Think about how you might be if the limitations and constraints that you deal with today didn’t exist. We work with people to help them see past their current reality towards their big dream of how work might be. Then we help them craft concrete tangible steps to achieve that dream.


Are you ready?

For experienced agile teams

Are you ready to level up your team and see what they are really capable of?

For aspiring agile coaches

Are you a great Scrum Master wanting to become a skilled and confident agile coach?

For brilliant servant leaders

Are you a leader in your organisation and community looking to grow exponentially?

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Latest Blog Posts

100 days

I stumbled onto this video last week. It's about a lady who taught herself to dance in 100 days. It's amazing! https://techcrunch.com/2013/11/13/giveit100/ It made me really wonder what is possible if you just dedicate yourself for 100 days - that's just 3 months!...

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Treasure Hunt Retrospective

Just before our last month end retro, Sam needed to leave the office. I decided to surprise her by planning a treasure hunt retro for when she returned. I wanted to do something a little fun and different for our retrospective, so I decided to incorporate movement...

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Our top 3 posts of 2016

It's always interesting to see which of our blogs posts get the most traffic. When writing you never know what is going to resonate with people and help them. Below are our top posts based on traffic in 2016. Take a look if you've missed any of these, our other...

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What people say

Judging from the energy in the team after the training and the subsequent increase in drive and enthusiasm in the office, one could only conclude that using Growing Agile to bring home the principles of Agile was the right choice.

Rob Knight

Managing Director, IMQS

I love your coach’s guide to agile testing! It’s SO wonderful to know other people “get” testing and what people need to know and do!
Y’all truly grok the testing mindset. I hope lots of people will take advantage of your guide!

Lisa Crispin

Co-author of Agile Testing

Sam and Karen paired to facilitate the meeting of two dozen organizers of Agile 2012. In 3 hours, they took a group with differing points of view, to learning from each other, and making decisions. Their design rocked!

Diana Larsen

Co-author of Agile Retrospectives

Karen and Sam are great and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the training. I can highly recommend their Advanced ScrumMaster course for any agilists looking to take their abilities to the next level!

Justin Doyle

Scrum Master, Discovery Health

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