It’s always interesting to see which of our blogs posts get the most traffic. When writing you never know what is going to resonate with people and help them. Below are our top posts based on traffic in 2016. Take a look if you’ve missed any of these, our other readers tell us they liked them 🙂

Interestingly our 3 posts that got the most traffic in 2016 were actually old posts not written in 2016. Here they are:

The Testing Manifesto

About 2 years ago we created our version of a testing manifesto, as a quick summary of the mindset you should adopt when thinking about agile testing. We thought it was pretty cool 🙂 Apparently so did many others, and the slide we had has been retweeted and added to...

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Agile and Scrum Certification

Updated August 2017 At Growing Agile we don't offer certified courses anymore. You can read about why here. Instead we focus on training whole teams, and coaching Scrum Masters and Product Owners over a few months. Using this approach we can train up to 25 people...

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Workshop: Estimation Techniques

This week I ran an estimation techniques workshop to help my teams understand different ways of estimating. I’ve run it once before at my previous company and people found it useful. This time Sam and I prepared together, and she ran the same workshop with her teams....

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Our top 3 posts published in 2016 were:

8 hours a day of Scrum Master stuff ?

When we coach teams new to agile we inevitable get asked how many teams a Scrum Master should have. We then use the quote "A good Scrum Master can have two teams, a great Scrum Master will only have one team.". This is met with blank stares. The Scrum Master role is...

The Scrum Police Game

As part of our latest talk at SUGSA we decide to invent a game. The cards and rules are available here so you can download everything and play yourself. The game is intended to help Scrum Masters see how they can move from being enforcers of Scrum to servant leaders....

The 9 Coaching Roles

Recently we were privileged enough to attend Esther Derby and Don Gray's course Coaching Beyond the Team. We usually have to travel far away to attend courses like this, but thanks to Agile42, Esther and Don came to us in South Africa - yay! A while ago we posted a...

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