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Salary Survey 2016: ScrumMasters and Agile Coaches

Here are the results of our 2016 South African salary survey. The survey included ScrumMasters, agile coaches and consultants. Take a look at the infographic below, and read on for our analysis. 2016 South African Scrum Master Salary Survey Create your own... read more

Team Agreements

When helping teams get started with Scrum we recommend that they create a set of Working Agreements. These are helpful because they define what behaviour is expected by the team from it’s members. Teams without working agreements often end up with members... read more

ESVP Retrospective Checkin Activity

When coaching new ScrumMasters we often get asked what people should do if teams don’t want to come to meetings like the retrospective, or standups. Our answer is usually to ask if participants are getting value from the meetings. People usually want to attend... read more

The 9 Coaching Roles

Recently we were privileged enough to attend Esther Derby and Don Gray’s course Coaching Beyond the Team. We usually have to travel far away to attend courses like this, but thanks to Agile42, Esther and Don came to us in South Africa – yay! A while ago we... read more

ScrumMasters Competencies

Recently a ScrumMaster at a client of ours sent me an email asking for help in creating a list of ScrumMaster competencies to use in recruiting of ScrumMasters. I asked the ScrumMaster to send me their thoughts of what this might look like and then we worked through... read more

Final retrospective for a team

Usually a retrospective is to look at the past and then think of a way to improve your team’s process going forward. But what if this is your team’s last sprint together? Do you have a retrospective? We were posed with this problem at a client. We had... read more

The role of testers in Agile

In November we gave a keynote at Agile Testing Days, which is now officially our favourite conference ever! The organisers and attendees are so much fun and all seem to be really passionate about testing. We highly recommend attending. Our keynote was titled... read more

2016 Scrum Master and Agile Coach Salary Survey

The salary survey for South Africa is back! Agile has grown quite a bit since last year so we are hoping to get many more responders to this survey – please pass on the details to all those you know! If you are a Scrum Master or Agile Coach in South Africa... read more


Hello and welcome to 2016! Karen and I are hard at work setting up AgilePath.me – be sure to go sign up and be notified when it is ready! This is part of our crazy goal of inspiring 1 million agile coaches across the world. We believe all ScrumMasters, managers,... read more

The 6C’s for online training

We love Sharon Bowman’s work with Training From The Back Of The Room (TFTBOTR). Ever since Karen attended a TFTBOTR course we have incorporated these techniques to make our in person training more memorable, effective and fun. I find it sad that most trainers... read more

Lightning Talks at #AgileTD

I had the absolute privilege of attending the lightning talk sessions at Agile Testing Days. This is not something I usually go to, but Concetta (my wife) was giving her first talk, so I went along. I was blown away by the great talks and ideas I got – and all... read more

Change our Perspective at #AgileTD

A keynote at Agile Testing Days by Olaf Lewitz The final keynote was by Olaf Levitz whom I first met 4 years ago. Olaf’s talk was about change and the main message was that CHANGE STARTS WITH ME! He asked us to think of everyone we would like to thank at the... read more

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