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AgileAfrica – Alignment At Scale

The opening keynote at Agile Africa was by  Henrik Kniberg. We have been fans of Henrik’s for a long time, and this keynote did not disappoint. Henrik told the story of what he has seen at Spotify and Lego. It was nice to hear a talk about scaling without...

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The big Scrum Master misunderstanding

This morning I received a Scrum Master job spec.  About 5 years ago these were really bad – essentially Project Manager jobs with a different name. They have gotten better and I’m even noticing words like collaboration and facilitation. The one I read this...

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Brazilian Portuguese Testing Manifesto

Thanks to our good friend Elias Nogueira (@eliasnogueira) who we met in 2012 we now have our Testing Manifesto in Brazilian Portuguese as well! Check out his blog here: http://eliasnogueira.com You can read the original post...

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Agile Aus – Failing at Scaling

This was the final talk we attended at Agile Australia. I was curious to hear from Em Campbell-Pretty and Mark Richards who are apparently Australia’s scaling and SAFe experts. I’m skeptical about scaling because I think it creates more complexity than is necessary...

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Agile Aus – Coaching Nightmares

Coaching Nightmares: insights we can learn from Gordon Ramsay Renee Troughton Craig Smith As a huge fan of Gordon Ramsay’s cooking show Kitchen Nightmares I just HAD to attend this talk at Agile Australia. Renee and Craig did a great job of making it relevant to agile...

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Spanish Testing Manifesto

Thanks to our good friend and regular translator Ángel Águeda of Evergreen PM (@evergreenpm), we now have our Testing Manifesto in Spanish 🙂 You can read the original post here: http://www.growingagile.co.za/2015/04/the-testing-manifesto/...

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Agile Aus – Visual Management

Maritza van den Heuvel had just met @AgileBen (Ben Hogan) at the Kanban retreat in Bali and suggested we meet him at Agile Australia. So we went along to his talk. I am really glad we did. Ben shared some great examples of how teams can use simple visual management to...

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Agile Manifesto Exercise

Whenever we teach people about Scrum and Agile we use an exercise to help them self discover the Agile Manifesto. We’ve been using it for so long we were sure it was in our Training Scrum book. However, we recently realised it isn’t. So we thought...

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Agile Aus – Usability Testing

You’re not doing usability testing? Are you…nuts? Steve Krug Another great Agile Australia 2016 keynote from Steve Krug, probably my favourite talk from the conference. He shared some great tips on how to actually get started doing usability testing. My biggest...

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New to agile – free learning

If you are new to agile, here are some free books and videos to get your understanding started. FREE EBOOKS The Scrum Handbook The Scrum Guide The Scrum Primer Scrum and XP from the Trenches Scrum and Kanban: Making the most of both Lean from the trenches Do Better...

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Conference Thoughts

This week I attended an Agile Conference. I’m lucky enough to have attended many of these over the last 6 years. Some were amazing and some were lacking. As someone who has organised a conference before I know that this is no easy task. And everybody has their own...

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AgileAus – Kata for Lean Learning

Having followed Håkan Forss for many years on twitter it was great to finally meet him in person at Agile Australia. He ran through 2 kata’s you can use for continuous improvement. The improvement kata and the coaching kata. Although I know about kata’s, I’d never...

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