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Our 5 year birthday!

Growing Agile turned 5 in November 2016! Here is a fun infographic on what we have done in those 5 years. Thanks to those who could join us for our birthday celebration in Cape Town!...

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How I lost my job by implementing Agile #sgza

This was an open, honest and powerful talk by Jan Jaap Cannegieter. He told the story of how he attended AgileTD and realised that he was putting people into boxes as a Vice President and that to be truly agile he needed to stop that. The end result? He got fired!...

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Post Agile Stress Disorder #sgza

A Keynote by the humorous Jim Benson at Scrum Gathering South Africa 2016 (SGZA). This keynote was so good, we decided to attend Jim's impromptu chat in the next slot and then proceeded to highjack him for 3 hours of chit chat. Wow. What a great guy. I learned so much...

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Agile Economics #sgza

Agile Economics was a talk by Pavel Dabrytski at the Scrum Gathering South Africa #SGZA. I loved the simple way Pavel explained budgeting per sprint. He also gave some ideas on different ways to contract if you are doing sprints. If you are interested in these...

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Personal Responsibility #sgza

Take responsibility and live with freedom, power and choice was a workshop run by Mike Kaufman and Gitte Klitgaard at Scrum Gathering South Africa 2016 (#SGZA). They explained Christopher Avery's Responsibility Process and got people in the room to experience the...

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All people are awesome. Always. #sgza

Danie Roux gave the opening keynote at Scrum Gathering South Africa 2016 (#SGZA). You can listen to the talk here: https://t.co/yoMup5vyye. He said: All people are always awesome. In all ways. And Always One of the turning points for me as a coach was a session with...

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Usable software over working software – Guest Post

[box] This is a guest post by Yanto Hesseling (@YantoHesseling). Yanto Hesseling is an agile quality consultant and coach for agile teams. He is the founder of AgileHubNoord, an agile community based in the north of the Netherlands, with the goal of changing this...

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Agile Testing Sketchnote

Here is a sketchnote summary of our book Growing Agile: A Coach's Guide to Agile Testing. If you have read the book or run any of the workshops in the book, this is a nice reminder to print out and stick up on the wall in your team area.        ...

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Agile Africa – Lean Coffee

Some meaty topics came up in the first Lean Coffee at Agile Africa, expertly facilitated by Josh Lewis as usual. As we have blog posts on most of these - I've included them below. Accountability in Teams Distributed teams Balancing planned work vs Urgent Requests...

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Agile Africa – Fish Ponds

A talk by Dillon Weyer at Agile Africa 2016 about how often when we do things we often don't consider the whole system, something he learned about when building his own fishpond at home. His message was to facilitate change by focussing on needs and values first...

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AgileAfrica – Alignment At Scale

The opening keynote at Agile Africa was by  Henrik Kniberg. We have been fans of Henrik's for a long time, and this keynote did not disappoint. Henrik told the story of what he has seen at Spotify and Lego. It was nice to hear a talk about scaling without mention of a...

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The big Scrum Master misunderstanding

This morning I received a Scrum Master job spec.  About 5 years ago these were really bad - essentially Project Manager jobs with a different name. They have gotten better and I'm even noticing words like collaboration and facilitation. The one I read this morning...

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