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Product Owner Camp

We recently attended the PO Camp in Switzerland (#POCampCH). The camp started with a 1 day masterclass which was jointly run by us (Sam & Karen) and Steve Holyer. The title of the masterclass was Dealing with the dirt and the attendees determined the topics for... read more

Expo:QA Conference

We’ve just returned from 10 days in Europe where we attended two conferences. The first was Expo:QA in Madrid. It was our first time at this conference, although the conference has been running for 10 years. We had loads of fun, and highly recommend this conference if... read more

Three key success factors for ‘going agile’

When companies approach us about ‘going agile’ they often what to know what needs to be in place before they start. Most often companies believe they need to start with a new project. Our approach is usually to start where ever the team is currently. If you wait for... read more

Boundaries Determine Our Identities

This is a guest post by Andrew Wynne (@meta4oric), ICF Professionally Certified Integral Coach Andrew works with individuals and groups, assisting them to unlock their true potential. He is passionate about the future of Agile Coaching, and is currently exploring... read more

What are impediments anyway?

Impediments. Those nasty things that stop you from getting stuff done. Nope – that’s wrong. Impediments don’t just stop you from getting stuff done. Impediments are ANYTHING that prevent you from going as fast as possible. Think about that carefully for a moment. The... read more

The ScrumMaster role – is it REALLY full time?

This is a question we get asked almost everyday. Mostly it’s by people new to Scrum who don’t understand the role. Often it’s by new ScrumMasters themselves who find their job a bit boring in the beginning. We often tell ScrumMasters all the things... read more

How to become an agile coach

Karen and I often get asked what it takes to become an agile coach. Mostly by ScrumMasters but also by managers. Our answers vary depending on what we have noticed in the recent weeks. We decided to do a talk at the local Scrum group SUGSA on what we thought it took... read more

ScrumMaster Salary Survey 2015

It’s finally out! Our 2015 South African salary survey. This year we included ScrumMasters, agile coaches and consultants since we are seeing more coaches emerging in South Africa. Take a look at the infographic below to see our analysis. If you’d like to... read more

Interview with Lisa Crispin

We interviewed Lisa Crispin asking her some questions about her latest book: More Agile Testing, her new team, and test conferences she recommends. Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version... read more

Amazing woman in agile speakers

Recently on twitter there has been much chatter around having more diverse speakers at Agile conferences (and IT conferences in general). By diverse I mean anything besides white men. This post by Lisa Crispin... read more

2015 Scrum Master and Agile Coach Salary Survey

We last did a Scrum Master salary survey in 2013, and we’ve had a few enquiries for updated information. Since agile coaching has become much more popular since our last survey we’ve included agile coaches in this survey. If you are a Scrum Master or Agile... read more

The Testing Manifesto

About 2 years ago we created our version of a testing manifesto, as a quick summary of the mindset you should adopt when thinking about agile testing. We thought it was pretty cool Apparently so did many others, and the slide we had has been retweeted and added to... read more

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