We have given this talk a few times now, and need a place to put all the goodies for those who attended the talk. We hope all the templates and the booklet are useful to you.

We are privileged to have given this talk at these conferences: Agile2012, Agile Scrum International Summit 2012


We have published a small book(let) called “Collaboration Games”. Its free and you can get it here: https://leanpub.com/collaborationGamesToolbox


BOOKLET – Brain Science : Facilitation & Game Toolbox

This little booklet has some info on brain science, facilitation and also 17 exercises and techniques to try out.

6 Trumps

Sharon Bowman taught us about the 6 trumps training technique. Basically it is different ways to repeat your training in order to maximise retention for participants. Print this and stick it up in your office so that you are reminded to use various techniques.

4C template

We use a 4C template to plan all of our training sessions. An example can be seen in the above booklet. This template is for you to download and use for your planning.

Facilitation Checklist

The above checklist is for you to use when planning a session. It will remind you to think of things like room layout and who your audience is.


Lastly – our slide deck 🙂 This is a great slide deck created for those who attended our workshop. Unfortunatly it won’t make much sense unless you were there. We generally prefer to not use slides, and usually use flipcharts. Our flipcharts (which we LOVE) would just not have worked with so many people in such a large room 🙂


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