This year has seen a big change for Growing Agile. We decided to focus on coaching and internal training as opposed to public training courses. For public training we now only offer classes for more experienced agile practitioners.

Although many people wish we were still training CSM, we believe the change is the right move for our business and for our clients. It has also freed up some of our time. That has allowed us to try some new and exciting ventures. One of these was to write a book “Growing Agile: A Coach’s Guide to Training Scrum”.

Go and see the book

Part of the ScrumMaster role is to ensure everyone on their team is educated about Scrum and to evangalise Scrum to their organisation. Over the last few years we have come across many ScrumMasters who have great intentions of running training and then get bogged down in the planning and preparation and don’t ever get round to doing the training.

We have been training teams in Scrum for about 3 years now. Over the last year we trained Certified ScrumMaster classes world wide. During this time, we spent many hours preparing training plans and creating workbooks, flipcharts and slides. Our materials have been continually refined from feedback after each course.

This book is a collection of all of our materials. It will help you plan and deliver interactive, fun Scrum Training for anything from a short workshop on a particular topic to a full 2 day course. All our training uses Training from the Back of the Room principles. If you buy the book you will also get access to our slides, participant workbook, exercise handouts and training plans.

We are writing the book in an agile way. We have shipped with our minimal viable product – enough material for a 1 day team training course. You can buy the book now – and get free updates whenever we publish them. The goal is to have 2 full days of materials available when we are done. Target for that is June. Please give us feedback, and let us know how you’ve used it. Our goal is to make this book as useful as possible to you.

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