It’s always great as a coach when you see someone take what you have taught them and really embrace it. Rushida Hendricks is a new Scrum Master at Liberty Health. This is the retrospective plan she created for her team’s fourth retrospective.

Sprint 4 Retrospective

What I love about this plan is that the bulk of the time is spent in Generate Insights and Decide What to Do, the most important parts of the retro.

She has allowed 20 minutes of buffer time in a 90 minute retro, which means no section needs to be rushed if an interesting discussion is happening.

I love the checkin since it focussed the retro on the team and their needs. A common mistake of new teams is to think the retrospective is for the Scrum Master.

Generate Insights follows on nicely from the previous activity, using the output from one activity as the input for the next. Again this is something that takes experience to get right.

There is a nice mix of individual and group activities to ensure that everyone is participating. Rushida is also using technique of having people write down there thoughts (e.g. in the close) before they share them, which works well for more introverted team members.

You can download the full plan here: Sprint 4 Retrospective Full

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