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Hello! We are Karen and Sam. We are agile coaches who live and breathe agile in everything we do. We are based in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa. Through the wonders of technology we are able to work with people around the world. Our greatest joy comes from helping people and teams achieve what they never thought was possible. Their success is our reward.

We believe that if we want to get better as an industry everyone should have access to basic agile training, which is why we have a free online course covering the Scrum basics. We are well versed in Scrum and Kanban, but we use a pragmatic approach that works for you in your environment, and we borrow techniques and tools from many disciplines.

Our goal is as simple as our name, to keep growing agile…

Karen Greaves

Karen Greaves

Agile Coach

Karen is a recovered project manager who loves the simplicity and fun that agile brings to work. She’s usually the loudest person in the room, and loves anything to do with numbers or excel.

phone: 078 457 7203     email:

Sam Laing

Sam Laing

Agile Coach

Sam lives by her tattoo “Be Brave” and embraces new challenges. As a coach she excels at asking powerful questions that help you reflect. She is also the creative genius behind all our hand drawn slides and sketch notes.

phone: 082 457 7840     email:

We have extracted massive value from our engagement with Karen and Sam over the past year. Their values based approach to guiding our teams in their Agile and Scrum adoption has assisted in creating an environment where teams truly embrace the principles. We are 4 years into the adoption of Scrum and the positive morale and self-organisation we enjoy is in large due to Growing Agile’s involvement.

Philip Manning

Director of Engineering, Clickatell

The Agile Requirements workshop offered by Growing Agile is a breakthrough programme for teams who may be struggling to realise value from their Scrum implementation. Packed full of insight and from-the-trenches techniques, the Agile Requirements workshop is a must-do for anyone looking to go beyond the ordinary with their team and deliver maximum value to their clients.

Sven Agnew

Developer, Unboxed Consulting

The knowledge that I took away from the experience proved to be so valuable. Coaching circles give you the opportunity to explore and share your experiences and also to know that the decisions you make will be guided by two very effective and knowledgeable coaches.

Claudette Moore

ScrumMaster, SafariNow

The workshops with Growing Agile not only enhanced our teams efficiency and effectiveness, but also reinvigorated them, and empowered them to own their ability to succeed. Every single team member found the workshop valuable, believe they can actually apply their learnings to their day-to-day activities, and would recommend the workshop to other teams.

Regardt Olivier

Program Manager, ACI Worldwide

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